Ideas for Early Years classrooms

How to Decorate your Classroom

Setting up an EYFS classroom is an exciting and slightly daunting prospect. What do you need? What areas should you have? You have so many ideas, how do you narrow it down to the most important things and remember to include everything you need?

Despite this might seem easy and fun, but classroom decoration is not an ordinary work. It requires lots of work and lots of planning. As sometimes too much decorations might be distracting for students. Also, base on a research published by children education plus, decorating your classroom is really a complex art. This art aims at many things in common. There are many patterns and requirements for classroom decoration. One needs enough calibers to choose a suitable patron of decoration which will be helpful for learning. There are many classroom ideas to focus on.

The only best ways of kids classroom decoration is to create a learning environment that would be encouraging for children to learn. As part of the interactive education campaign that I have been discussing with some colleagues lately, I would like to share some ideas about dividing your classroom into areas, which would be very useful and effective for teachers to decorate their EYFS classrooms.

Teacher ideas

As having a corner for each and every activity will help you to keep your classrooms organised all the time, there are a number of suggested ideas that I found helpful in keeping my children busy and my classroom organised at the same time. Examples include:

  • A carpet area for reading and planning the day, in this area you can have a visual timetable and a display calendar for all the children to be able to check daily.
  • A craft corner is essential where you can limit where children are allowed to keep the table messy while having fun.
  • A maths corner is a great space for children to play and explore with the maths resources. Key resources include: counting objects, cubes, hoops, numbers, shapes, challenges, clocks, timers, puzzles and games. You can hang some visual number posters which would make a great addition to the area too.
  • A reading corner, where you will be creating a calm, welcoming spac
    e for children to quietly read and think is important. There are so many beautiful ideas published by Bored Teachers that might help inspiring teachers in creating their own reading corner as an inviting space from book boats to comfy beanbags!
  • More ideas about more suggested areas that you might include in your classroom based on its size where mentioned in this blog such a role play area, a water and sand area, and a writing and mark making area.


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