Dear Sophie,

I am writing in reply to your letter in the magazine. Being a teen myself, I would like to offer you advice and suggest you ways to deal with your problem concerning weight loss.

To start with, you can easily lose weight in some simple ways. For instance, you can follow a balanced diet instead of consuming junk food and high calorie food. A balanced diet is about consuming nutritional, low calorie food, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and some dairy products.You should regularly consume small portions of food and go to a nutrition doctor to prescribe you a diet to follow. In this way, you will remain healthy and get thinner day by day.

Secondly, joining a gym will be a very good idea for you to be in good physical condition and start getting in shape. If you are bored of the idea of joining a gym, you can join programs which are more entertaining. You can take up a team hobby, such as playing football for both exercise and having fun. As a result, you will be fit and you will not lose your interest.

Last but not least, if you combine good eating habits and exercising you will be in shape and at the same time you will lose weight.You know how important it is for us teenagers to feel and look physically and psychologically well.

All in all, I hope you take my ideas and suggestions into consideration. I look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,