Problems with ZOOM


When facing problems with the Zoom platform, please follow these steps:

First of all, please remain calm! We have a lot of different ways to be in contact. No need for worries!

1)If you cannot connect to the meeting please wait for  3 minutes and make sure that you have signed up to zoom (that you have a username and a password). If the problem remains unsolved, please send me a  message on the e-me platform.

2) If you face a lot of problems while on the meeting please Click on 'Leave the meeting' or " Aποχωρήστε από τη συζήτηση' and try to reconnect. If the problem is not solved try to reconnect once again. If the problem remains unsolved please send me a message on the e-me platform in order to solve the problem together.

3) If you cannot hear or see the teacher and he/she does not communicate with you through the comments section, please wait for five minutes for her to solve the problem. If the problem remains unsolved please go to the e-me announcements and he/she will communicate with you via this.


The teacher,

Kalpakidou Despoina