Fortnite Agents Peelys secret deadpool style

If you haven't noticed yet, you can close the deadpool challenges guide in deadpools computer and if you are playing on pc you have to scroll the mouse on the deadpool simple and click it to open the secret video game called Pfreely if playing on ps4 you just have to press the Δ button and it will appear for x-box i'm not sure yet make ser you keep reading future blogs for new details. Now back to the importand stuff furst of all have you seen the title cerfully? Because Pfreely is the adding of 'free' and 'peely' also in the game you can collect a thing that looks like a tomb of agent peely at the right side of your screen at 100 and somethig meters. Again i'm not sure what you have to do after.


This minecraft parody of Justins Timberlake ''Can't Stop The Feeling'' has been one of the best minecraft parody songs of all the world.It talks for 4 friends trying to get the minecraft nether star to craft a beacon.

Fortnite Deadpool

Deadpool joins X-FORCE 

Deadpool had been waiting a lot but finally the X-FORCE team has arrived. First one Cable the big one from the future with his robot arm is ready to take those villans out, Domino, lady luck is not in your side when playing against this one, and for last Psylocke she is basically a telepath. Also don't forget Deadpools X-FORCE morph gray and black match him perfectly.

New Snapshot!!! (Minecraft)

As most of us were waiting a new snapshot has hit the Minecraft Universe. After the well known April Fools snapshot Mojang has added a new biome and materials into the Nether update. First of all the new Basalt Deltas biome which is full with Magma Cubes has the new materials: the Blackstone and the Gilted Blackstone( that doesn't spawn naturally yet).

Popularmmos channel

Popularmmos or sould i say Pat is very popular on YouTube as he has like almost 17 million Subscribers. This gaming mostly youtuber has played the most crazy Minecraft videos of all with his amazing creators like Mithey and Lubcubs working to get the most amazing Minecraft maps, minigames, tycoons and lots of other amazing games of the history of YouTube.


What's up!!! Heard the great news ROBLOX Bacon has added an one time only YouTube creator skin in  the game. The all beloved Thinknoodles skin, exactly the same as his regular skin but with muscles. Go and check it out. 


ArcadeCloud is the best and funniest animation channel on youtube, just 3 days ago they uploaded one of the best videos they've ever made the PRO GAMER SQUAD has hit 125 thousand views and growing. Don't forget to check it out. Bye!!!


Play the new chapter in roblox piggy, chapter 8 or Carnival it's the most open and easy map they ever uploaded. It has very nice puzzles to solve and the funniest ending trailer in the game also don't forget the new kinda useless slow traps and the new Clowny skin at the shop for 375 piggy coins.


Be on the look out for the new 1.16 nether update

That boring old dimension is going to change with new mobs and the 3 new biomes that are: the Warped Forest, the Crimson Forest and the Soulsand Valey. Don't forget the new piglin mob that you can trade with gold for things like a soulspeed enchantement book, crying obsidian and lots of other interesting stuff, also they will attach you if not waring a piece golden armor. Pigman will get replaced with zombie piglins and lets remember the new Strider mob that you can ride on lava. For last i kept the most anoying one the Hoglin, it will spawn at the Crimson Forest biome it's super dangerous and will attack you whatever your doing.


In fortnite there lots of amazing events for example the new deadpool party at the Yaght and every weekly challenges for the skins like BRUTUS BRIEFING, TNTINAS TRIAL, MEWSCLES MISCHIEF AND SKIES ADVENTURE for their ghost and shadow styles.