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Homeschooling is a kind of education that many parents choose to have for their kids. In some countries it's a legal way to educate, in some others, it is not. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach? Read and find out. What do people who were educated at home say about it? Watch and find out. What's your opinion?

School uniforms

Is it necessary for students or not? Is it a tradition to keep or should there be some change in our century? Read the article and leave your comment!

What makes a good teacher great?

Watch the video and leave your comments below about:

  • what teaching means to you
  • whether you agree with what is heard on the video
  • what qualities a good teacher has, in your opinion.
  • what things should be changed in the Greek educational system
  • whether you would consider yourself being a teacher in the future and why


What is celebrated this day? How did all start? Read the article and find out! Watch this video too! What pranks have you done to your friends or family on this day so far? Share it with us! Leave it as a comment!


What do we know about this big problem? Read and find out!

What can we do about this issue? You'll find answers here!

Listen to the song.

All about International Women’s Day

Read this article to learn more about this day!

Valentine’s poems

Roses are red,

Some are pink,

We are good together,

don't you think?

Leave your poem as a comment! Be creative!

Valentine’s Day traditions

February 14th is known worldwide as Valentine's Day. It is a day dedicated to love. It is customary to offer flowers, cakes and presents to those you love but the fact remains that there is a differentiation of traditions amongst countries. Read and find out about these differences and then leave a comment telling us:

a) which country's traditions you found most interesting and why,

b) how Valentine's Day is celebrated in your country.

If you don't know much about specific celebrations in your country, check this out or read this article: Valentine's Day in Greece

If I could do things differently

In case you need more practice, check this page out. There are explanations and activities for you.