In my time off I have been doing a lot of lesson planning - and with everything going on in the world its not for certain we will be returning to the classroom: / so you could say I have been a bit stressed lately. This post I just wanted to talk about some of the methods and ways I have used to combat my stressful thoughts and overall anxiety.

1) Make yourself a nice cup of tea - one of the small things that can instantly elevate or calm your mood. I just ordered some green tea and have been having a lot of chamomille.

2) Get out into nature - take a walk around your local park, remember to breathe and take in and appreciate the nature around you.

3) Meditate - another new one for me, I just downloaded a few guided meditation apps and have been trying them out. Its hard to keep my mind from wandering sometimes but this is one I definitely want to keep trying.

4) Clean - its amazing how much a clean home can almost declutter the mind:)

5) Treat yo self - Don't be afraid to have that one big cheat meal a week, eat the ice cream, have the cake, and don't let yourself stress about it!

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